Our Team



Marylou Borowiak  mborowiak@foodbankwny.org


Marketing and Development Manager

Kelly O'Neil koneil@foodbankwny.org


Grants Writer

Elizabeth Lucas elucas@foodbankwny.org


Public and Community Relations Coordinator

Catherine Shick cshick@foodbankwny.org


Special Events and Volunteer Coordinator

Jennifer Hayes jhayes@foodbankwny.org


Marketing Coordinator

Joella McLaurin jmclaurin@foodbankwny.org


Marketing Coordinator

Jameson S. Yu jyu@foodbankwny.org


Administrative  Support Assistant 

Gail Korba gkorba@foodbankwny.org



Agency Services Director 

Carol Palumbo cpalumbo@foodbankwny.org 


Agency Services Coordinator 

Kelly Burke kburke@foodbankwny.org


Agency Services Assistant

Margaret Horey mhorey@foodbankwny.org


Youth and Outreach Programs Supervisor

Stephanie Lawson  slawson@foodbankwny.org


Youth Nutrition Coordinator

Lisa Pasnik, lpasnik@foodbankwny.org


Nutrition Resource Manager

Sarah Stimpson, RD sstimpson@foodbankwny.org 


Just Say Yes to Fruits & Vegetables, Field Nutritionist

Elyse Burgher, eburgher@foodbankwny.org


Just Say Yes to Fruits &Vegetables, Field Nutritionist

Danyel Brewer, RD, dbrewer@foodbankwny.org


Just Say Yes to Fruits & Vegetables, Field Nutritionist

Ashley Cottrell


Urban Opportunities Pantry Coordinator

Gloria Swain



Operations Director 

Justin Guerin jguerin@foodbankwny.org


Warehouse Manager

Jeff Williams jwilliams@foodbankwny.org


Floor Manager

Glenn Hermann ghermann@foodbankwny.org


Receiving and Inventory Control Clerk/ Warehouse Assistant

Richard Chiarelli rchiarelli@foodbankwny.org


Warehouse Assistant
Shaun Woods


Senior Direct Delivery Driver/Warehouse Assistant

Robert Wojtylak


Direct Delivery Driver/Warehouse Assistant
Robert Miller 


Direct Delivery Driver/Warehouse Assistant
David Banks


Direct Delivery Driver/Warehouse Assistant
Michael Bulera


Food Safety Compliance and Processing Coordinator

Michael Colvin


Chautauqua County Warehouse Assistant

Todd Taylor 


Truck Driver/Fleet Maintenance Coordinator 

John Whitte


Maintenance Mechanic

Ralph Oertly


Warehouse Assistant - Receiving

Maria Rivas


Warehouse Assistant - Freezer

Scott Gielow


Warehouse Assistant - Floater

Velton Hill



Chief Financial Officer

Paula Mercurio  pmercurio@foodbankwny.org


Senior Accountant/Analyst

Jennifer Rzepka jrzepka@foodbankwny.org



Melanie Lehner,mlehner@foodbankwny.org


Human Resources Manager

Christa DiPizio cdipizio@foodbankwny.org


Accountant Assistant

Sharon Pankiewicz spankiewicz@foodbankwny.org


Food Bank Coordinator

Lauren Picone lpicone@foodbankwny.org


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