President's Message

We at the Food Bank of Western New York are grateful to our supporters for keeping our hungry families in your hearts and minds year-round.

We know that with the holiday season long past, and with news of job creation and economic growth occurring in the Buffalo area, it can be easy to forget that many of our neighbors still need our help.

Unfortunately, hunger and poverty remain a major problem in Western New York. In fact, Buffalo was named one of the top 10 “most distressed large cities” in the nation in a new report by the Economic Innovation Group. The same report also singled out Erie County for its widening gap between prosperous and poor neighborhoods. In other words, while parts of the Buffalo region are making a comeback, many of our community members are left behind.

Hunger is 365 days a year, and throughout the year, the number of people who need our services can vary depending on seasons and circumstances. During times of heightened need, the Food Bank assists as many as 129,000 individuals in any given month, including 45,000 children, and more than 44,000 households. Perhaps most distressing is the fact that the number of seniors being assisted can be as high as 17,000 in any given month.

Yet these individuals are more than just a statistic. The face of hunger belongs to our seniors on fixed incomes, our dedicated veterans, and our working families trying hard to make ends meet.

We appreciate everything you continue to do for our hungry neighbors. It is because of your dedicated support that we are able to fight hunger one day at a time. 

Marylou Borowiak, President & CEO

& the entire staff of the Food Bank of Western New York






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