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Get active outside!

Regular physical activity is essential for living a long, healthy life.  Engaging in physical activity as a family can be a fun way to get everyone moving.  Being physically active can help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight, reduce feelings of stress or depression, and reduce your risk of chronic illnesses. For children, physical activity enhances fitness and promotes growth and development.  Children who believe they are competent and have the skills to be physically active tend to be more active.
At a minimum, adults should engage in 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity most days, preferably every day.  About 60 minutes of physical activity per day may be needed to prevent weight gain. Children need 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous play every day.  Physical activity can even be broken up into 10 minute sessions throughout the day. 

Getting the amount of physical activity you need is easy when you choose activities you enjoy and make them part of your daily routine.
Here are some ways to take advantage of the warmer weather and get active outside:

• Join a walking group in the neighborhood.  Recruit a friend for support and encouragement.
• Enjoy an afternoon bike ride with your kids.
• Walk up and down the soccer or softball field sidelines while watching the kids play.
• Take the dog for a walk.
• Wash the car.
• Plant and care for a vegetable or flower garden.
• Walk, skate, or cycle more, and drive less. 
• Get off the bus one stop early and walk the rest of the way.

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