Becoming a Member

There are a few requirements to becoming a Food Bank of WNY member agency.  Below are some items that will assist you in this process.


• An application must be submitted detailing your service. (Each program needs its own application.)
• Your agency must be a 501(c)(3) agency or have an agency that would umbrella your program.  You will need to submit a copy of this with your application.
• Your program must be up and running and serving food for the previous 6 months.
• There must be a need for the service in your area. 
• A representative of every new program must come to an orientation class prior to becoming a member. 

There are several kinds of forms we use to document client use.  To check them out, go to our forms page.

If you have questions on starting up a program or want to know if there are similar programs in your area, please call our Agency Services Department at 852-1305. 


Agency Application (.PDF) 

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