It should come as no surprise that food insecurity continues to be a major problem throughout the country.  Each year more and more people are turning to emergency food programs for assistance.  The Hunger Study of 2010 showed that since 2006, 82% of food pantries and 63% of soup kitchens in the Western New York area have seen a rise in the number of clients served at their facilities. 

At the same time, the obesity epidemic continues to soar and poses the greatest harm to those at or near poverty level.  Due to the high cost of healthier foods such as fruits and vegetables, those with low incomes often choose to purchase foods that are lower in nutritional value and higher in fat and calories to feed their hungry stomachs.  This has resulted in higher rates of vitamin and mineral deficiencies and increased rates of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and certain cancers.


In addition to our own nutritional programs, the Food Bank of WNY collaborates with Just Say Yes to Fruits and Vegetables and the Cornell Coop Eat Smart Program.


The "Just Say Yes to Fruits and Vegetables" Project (JSY), in partnership with organizations that serve the food insecure, is dedicated to improving the health and nutritional status of food stamp populations in New York State. The project accomplishes this by providing comprehensive nutrition education programs for food stamp populations in a variety of community settings.

Visit Just Say Yes to learn more.


Eat Smart New York is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). This FREE program is designed to reach Means Tested Audiences, to provide them with information about healthy eating and living including physical activity.

For more information visit the program’s web site.

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