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How to conduct a food drive in Erie County:

1. Determine the dates you would like to hold your food drive.

2. Because our trucks and drivers are expensive to utilize, we greatly appreciate your assistance regarding boxes. If it is at all possible for you to collect the items in your own receptacles, that would be terrific! However, if not, we can accommodate the delivery of some FBWNY boxes to your facility. Please keep these things in mind - if you are in immediate need of a container, feel free to visit the Food Bank to procure what you need. We prefer 2 weeks’ notice for when you would like your boxes delivered. As we will be grouping destinations together and delivering to particular areas, it may take a few days for you to receive or pickup your containers. We thank you for your flexibility!

If you can bring the food to us once it is collected, that is considered an extra donation. Our very small (but incredibly efficient) staff delivers over 250,000 pounds of food every week in our four-county service area and we attempt to accommodate pickups but we do have limited resources. Consequently, time, hours, gasoline consumption and wear and tear on our vehicles must all be considered when we schedule truck usage. If you are able to drop off your donations, we would LOVE to give you a tour of our awesome facility! WE WANT YOU TO KNOW WHO AND WHAT YOU ARE SUPPORTING! (If you are collecting in Niagara County, please email Kim O’Grady).

3. Please let us know about your food drive by filling out a Food Drive Participation Form.
If you are requesting boxes,email Lauren Picone and please make sure to fill this out completely, AT LEAST two weeks before your drive begins. If the form does not open automatically in your email program, please send an email with the information requested at the bottom of this page. If you are unable to deliver the donation and need us to pick up the food, please let us know the date you want us to come do so on the same form.
Helpful Hint: The boxes we send you accommodate 125-150 pounds of food. We have found that by using 4 trips of tape on the bottom of the box, 2 on the seam and 1 on each side, this will help reinforce the container.
When you bring your food into the Food Bank (or we do) it will be weighed. You will receive a thank you acknowledgement through the US mail. (And, if you bring the food down to the food bank, you will receive a receipt for your delivery.)

4. While we appreciate that most organizations like to have their food made available to our clients for the actual holiday season it does take 4 – 6 weeks for us to process food for delivery so please bear that in mind when scheduling your drive

Recommendations for food and product donations

We prefer non-perishable products (please, no glass). Bear in mind, these are suggestions only as we are making a concerted effort to provide healthier options but appreciate every and all donations:

Fruits & Vegetables:
• Canned Vegetables— reduced/low sodium preferred
• Canned Fruits — in natural juices
• Canned tomato sauces
• 100% fruit or vegetable juice

• Canned tuna, chicken, stews and chili
• Canned or dried beans and legumes
• Peanut butter

• Pasta, rice, cereal and oatmeal—
Whole grain/wheat preferred

Other Items:
• Shelf stable milk (dry or evaporated)
• Canola or olive oil

We also greatly appreciate baby needs items – diapers, baby food, wipes and formula, as well as personal care items such as toothpaste, soap, shampoo, etc.

If you are interested in conducting a food drive in Niagara County, please contact Kim O’grady at kogrady@niagaracap.com She will coordinate the drives in that county.

Creativity Rules!

We have discovered that there are some incentives that work well for food drives. Here are a few ideas that have proven successful in the past:

Theme drives: breakfast items, kid-friendly items, proteins, particular foods such as cereal or peanut butter

Dress Down Days work well if your office is compatible with this idea – bring in a can and receive permission to wear jeans on a particular day. (One young woman had a flip-flops day in her law office. The senior partners all went out to buy flip-flops on their lunch hour.)

Special Parking Space awarded to the person who brings in the most cans.

We have found that competitive drives work well also. Ex: department vs. department, women vs. men, grade vs, grade (in schools). Please consider being creative with your drive as something unusual is generally attention-getting.

Still have questions? Please call the Food Drive assistance line at 935-6720 and we will return your call within 24 hours

Send your request for boxes to Kieran Wilder and make sure you include the following information:

Food Drive Participation Form

Name of Company/Group/Organization:

Mailing Address:



Contact Name:  

Contact Phone Number:

Dates of food drive: from __ to __ 

Number of Food Boxes to be delivered: __




For our pick up purposes, please let us know if there are special instructions – parking space for our truck, particular doors to access, security requirements, etc.

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