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What is FeedMore WNY?
The Food Bank of WNY and Meals on Wheels for WNY are joining forces to become FeedMore WNY. The goal of FeedMore WNY lies in its name: to feed more Western New Yorkers of all ages for whom securing nutritious food is a challenge. FeedMore WNY’s mission is to offer dignity, hope and a brighter future by providing nutritious food, friendship and skills training to its Western New York neighbors in need.

Why are the Food Bank and Meals on Wheels coming together?
The Food Bank and Meals on Wheels share complementary missions and a longstanding history of working together to feed the Western New York community. After decades of collaboration, combining organizations was a natural progression and the logical next step. As both organizations looked to improve and grow programs and reach more of our neighbors in need, we realized that we could accomplish far more together than we could hope to achieve on our own.

Are the organizations combining for financial reasons?
No. Both organizations are financially healthy and sound so this alliance is not based on financial necessity. The effort was not prompted by internal or external funding decisions or by recommendations by either organizations’ core funders. We do, however, believe it will be financially advantageous and lead to more flexibility to feed Western New Yorkers in need.

I have been working with someone from the Food Bank or Meals on Wheels. How do I contact them now?
For now you can still reach us at the same email addresses and phone numbers. As we continue to integrate, we will make sure any changes on our end do not impact your ability to connect with us and any new phone numbers, physical addresses or email addresses will be communicated to the community.

I receive food assistance and support from Meals on Wheels/the Food Bank. Will my services be impacted?
No. You will still continue to receive the high-quality care, nutritious food and friendship that you are used to. Your day-to-day interactions with Meals on Wheels, the Food Bank or one of the Food Bank’s partner agencies will not change.

Will any of your programs be eliminated?
No programs will be eliminated as a result of this alliance. In fact, the ultimate goal is to expand and improve on our already successful programming. We will also be creating new programs to help fill unmet needs, including child summer and afterschool feeding programs, more comprehensive senior feeding opportunities and warehouse and culinary training programs to help individuals with high barriers to employment.

Will any jobs be eliminated?
No jobs have been or will be eliminated as a result of the Food Bank and Meals on Wheels joining forces. Because we are looking to grow and expand our services as a combined organization, staff retention and talent development is a key priority of FeedMore WNY.

Where is the FeedMore WNY website?
We are in the process of bringing all of our resources together. In the meantime, you can continue to access Meals on Wheels website at: mealsonwheelswny.org and the Food Bank’s website at: foodbankwny.org. When the new FeedMore WNY website launches, we will communicate that exciting news to our community.