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The Food Bank of Western New York (Food Bank) requires directors, employees and significant volunteers, to observe all laws and regulations that apply to the organization and to practice honesty and integrity in fulfilling their responsibilities.

The Food Bank’s reputation and standing in the community is one of its key assets. Management and the Board of Directors are interested in hearing immediately of any concerns of any employee, volunteer or other stakeholder relative to any issue which may threaten this asset.

The organization is committed to achieving compliance with all federal and state laws, regulations governing charitable organizations and corresponding standards and practices.

This policy is intended to provide an avenue to raise concerns with the reassurance that the Food Bank will provide protection from intimidation, harassment, discrimination or other retaliation for whistleblowing in good faith.
The Whistleblower Policy is intended to cover serious concerns that could have an impact on the Food Bank from such actions that:

  • May lead to incorrect financial or poundage reporting
  • Are unlawful
  • Are not in line with Food Bank policy
  • Otherwise amount to unethical conduct.


Please read the full Whistle Blower Policy.