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Michael Daloia  mdaloia@feedmorewny.org  716-852-1305 ext. 3076
What I can help you with: Product Sourcing; Agency Concerns; Ordering; Agency Grants; Agency Initiatives & Collaborations

Kelly Burke kburke@feedmorewny.org  716-852-1305 ext. 3079
What I can help you with: Agency compliance, training, new agency orientation, site inspections

Elyse Burgher eburgher@feedmorewny.org 716-852-1305 ext. 3001
What I can help you with: Mobile Pantry; Summer Feeding; Food for Kids

Arielle Januszkiewicz  ajanuszkiewicz@feedmorewny.org  716-852-1305 ext. 3089
What I can help you with: JSY workshops, recipe demonstrations; Healthy Pantry Initiative

Marla Ryan  mryan@feedmorewny.org  716-852-1305 ext. 3091
What I can help you with: JSY workshops, recipe demonstrations; Healthy Pantry Initiative; Community Garden

Jen Meegan jmeegan@feedmorewny.org 716-852-1305 ext. 3047
What I can help you with: Monthly Reporting; SNAP Outreach; Kids in the Kitchen/Good Cookin

Catherine Shick  cshick@feedmorewny.org  716-852-1305 ext. 3092
What I can help you with: Client Stories

Glenn Hermann  ghermann@feedmorewny.org  716-852-1305 ext. 3009
What I can help you with: Agency orders scheduling & delivery

Brendan Speller  bspeller@feedmorewny.org  716-852-1305 ext. 3084
What I can help you with: Product Sourcing and Procurement; Retail Partnerships; Quality Control

Jim Milks  jmilks@feedmorewny.org  716-852-1305 ext. 3088
What I can help you with: Product Inquiries; Commodities Shipments

Next round of Seed Grant applications will be available in Spring 2020. 

Seed grants are intended to encourage the development of projects that support innovative ways of confronting emergency food/or nutrition needs of people with low incomes. There are three categories Seed Grants specifically target:

Resource Enhancement and Community Partnerships: Projects that increase or enhance emergency food resources or create a diversified resource base through community partnerships. Examples of community partnerships include projects to develop and/or utilize food growers, farmers’ markets, community and urban garden programs, or other community resources.

Organizational Capacity and Effectiveness: Projects that increase organizational capacity and effectiveness to provide emergency food services and access to healthy foods. Examples are projects that provide resources, technical assistance and/or training to emergency food relief organizations for fundraising, bookkeeping, volunteer services, or other areas specific to emergency food services.

Linkage to Services: Projects that can link emergency food providers and their guests to services that could reduce dependence on emergency food. Examples include projects to expand outreach referral services to connect at risk individuals to medical care and social services and technology to develop training programs for at risk individuals to create linkages and increase skills for future.

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HPNAP Operations Support Grant Information

Grant funds are made available from HPNAP (Hunger Prevention and Nutrition Assistance Program) of New York State.  This is an annual grant offered to all HPNAP-eligible agencies to help them maintain their operations. The agency can apply for staff, utilities, equipment, space, transportation, disposables or pest control.   Requests must be food/food-safety related to be considered. Your agency must be a nonprofit with a current 501(c)(3) certificate.  The grant is reviewed and scored by the HPNAP Operations Support Advisory Committee, made up of ten peer agency and community representatives.  Currently, applicants may request up to a total of $4,000 for assistance with operations. If requesting equipment, applicants may ask for up to $6,000 in total for assistance.


The next round of the Operations Support will be available in Spring 2020.

The Hunger Prevention and Nutrition Assistance Program (HPNAP) Food Grant is administered by the Food Bank of WNY for the NYS Department of Health. The Food Bank is accepting applications from Food Bank Member Agencies providing food to the homeless and/or hungry in an area which includes Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Erie, and Niagara Counties.  An independent HPNAP and FBWNY representative’s review board will review all proposals. Food is allocated to approved agencies* on a monthly basis at no cost under the HPNAP food category and additional funding to purchase nutritious food items under the DONATED food category is provided on a quarterly basis.

*Approved Agencies are: Shelters, Pantries, and /or Soup Kitchens.



The next round of the HPNAP Food Grant is available. Please follow the instructions below before you begin the grant.

  • In order to properly fill out this grant, you will need to download and use the following application.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

  • You will then need to download and save the application to your computer BEFORE you start filling out the form.
  • For Google Chrome users, you will click on the downward pointing arrow in the top right corner of your window. Save to your DESKTOP for easy access.
  • For Internet Explorer users, you will click on the floppy disk icon in the top left corner or your window. Save to your DESKTOP for easy access.

2019-2020 HPNAP Food Grant

Please watch for a Constant Contact email announcement with all the details coming up soon.  If you have not signed up to receive Constant Contact emails, please do so. More than one person from an organization can be signed up to receive them.

The Agency Assistance Program (AAP) provides the Food Bank of WNY’s member agencies with funding for emergency needs. The AAP Grant is made available with funds raised through the efforts of the Food Bank of Western New York and allocated by the Food Bank’s Board of Directors. To be eligible to apply, a requesting applicant must:

  • Be a member agency of the Food Bank of WNY for at minimum, six months.
  • In compliance with Food Bank of Western New York’s Agency Agreement.
  • Have already applied for HPNAP Operations Support grant (if eligible).
  • Able to assist with matching funds if requested by the AAP Grant committee.
  • Clearly demonstrate emergency need
  • Have not received AAP funding for two years prior to application submission
  • May be asked to provide partial funds
  • Applications may be submitted quarterly by June 1, September 1, December 1 and March 1. Application for the AAP Grant, with a detailed description of process and requirements, can be found on FBWNY website under Agency Resources.

Agency Assistance Program Application (docx)

Agency Assistance Program Application Guide (pdf)

If your agency would like to learn more about SNAP, please reach out to Jen Meegan at jmeegan@feedmorewny.org

SNAP Information postcard